My journey to fibromyalgia

In October 2008 I was 15 years old and in ballet class. Everything was going fine…until I fell on my tailbone and bruised it. For a few weeks I could not walk, sit, stand, ect without it hurting. However, it did heal and I didn’t think much of it afterwords. Looking back on it now, I believe that falling on my tailbone trigged the fibro. In November of that year my knees started to hurt. I told my mom who is a PT, but we both thought it was because I was dancing too much (which was true I was doing 10 hours of dance class at least). In FebruaryI caught a cold and after that all my joints and muscles hurt all the time as well as muscle spams. It felt like someone was taking a knife to my body and stabbing it without mercy. There were so many days where I couldn’t sleep. And the few days that I did sleep I would wake up and feel that I got no sleep at all. I went to numerous doctors who did numerous tests which all came back fine…they would always say “I don’t know whats wrong”. This frustrated me so much to be so young and not have any answers. I convinced myself that this was all my fault that for some reason I wanted attentichion and if I stopped talking about it…the pain would go away. So that’s what I did…but the pain did not stop. For five years I was living in fear of the pain and wondering why this was happening to me. When I was a Junior in High School I had a melt down in class because I couldn’t deal with the pain I was having with no reason why. I was sent to guidance where all I would do was talk about it…nothing proactive came out of it…I somehow graduated high school on time (still don’t know how) and went off to college for year. However, while in college the pain and fatigue become worse an became more and more of a struggle. After completing my freshman year, I decided to take a year off, find out what life is really like, and to find much needed answers. In January of this year (2014) my hips started hurting non stop! In March the pain became too much so I went to the doctor who tested for things they have already tested for and sent me to rheumatology again. However, this doctor was different. When I met her she believed I was in pain even though all my labs were clean. She tested my vitamin D levels and found out they were low. She also did the fibromyalgia test which is poking the person in certain spots of the body because fibro does not show in blood tests. After the test she concluded I did indeed have fibromyalgia and started me on medicines right away. I can tell you that these meds I’m on have been life saviors for me! Most days now, I only feel a little pain and it usually goes away after yoga. I also usually go to bed at the same time every night which helps me a lot! I transferred from my old college to Umass Amherst where I’m a  20 year old sophomore studying kinesiology.

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3 thoughts on “My journey to fibromyalgia

  1. Iwas recommended this website by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is
    written by him as nobody else know such
    detailed about my trouble. You are incredible! Thanks!


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