Belly Dancing and Chi Tea (fibromyalgia)

This past Monday I went to my first ever belly dancing class. Let me tell you all something…it was so much fun!! I used to dance all the time before the dumb fibromyalgia hit (ballet, jazz, tap, and modern). So getting back into dance was amazing. I could literally feel a smile spread across my face for the entire class. During that time, nothing could get me down and I felt no pain. Also, everyone there is awesome and wanted to learn the moves!! Now here’s the downside…its from 10:15-12 at night…When you have fibromyalgia you need to go to bed around the same time everyday! For me, that has been 10:30…but honestly I can’t imagine not going back to that class!! It’s too much fun and amazing to give up!!

However, these last two days have been more exhausting then usual. Usually I wake up full of energy thanks to the meds I’m on…but the past two days I wake up and I feel that my body has gotten no sleep at all and it’s just now starting to relax. Unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury to lie in bed all day. I have classes to go to and a life to lead! So I get up and go to get hot chi tea…I don’t know what it is about it…but it gives me the energy I need while my body is gently relaxing and calming down…it’s amazing! For the last two days I’ve been living off of it while powering through multiple tests and papers!!

Luckily, the fatigue has been the only thing that has really acted up. My pain has been about the same which is like a two. I feel achy and maybe once in a while a stab, but considering everything this is worlds better then where I used to be. I should also mention that all my professors have been so supportive and have been amazing about working with me (I’ll probably make another post going into more details about what they have done), but they have all been wonderful about the accommodations I’ve been asking for because of the fibro. I couldn’t have chosen a more supportive school and environment to study in.

Thats all for now stay strong my fellow spoonies!

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2 thoughts on “Belly Dancing and Chi Tea (fibromyalgia)

  1. I used to be a dancer as well. I miss it so much. Every now and again when I am in a really good, low pain state I love to Zumba. I’ve considered belly dancing as well but haven’t found a place close enough to my house to go. Glad you enjoyed the class. It is important to get out there and do something you love.


  2. Anastasia on said:

    You’re one of the strongest people I know and I’m basically totally obsessed with how awesome you are and how you’re such a hard worker. I know you can do whatever you set out to do and that’s pretty great. I’m sending some pixie dust your way, darlin’!

    (Also belly dancing so seems like your thing.)

    (Also I feel like a grandmother using Facebook with that comment, so I’m just gonna go all out and say I hope you’re staying warm and remembering to wear your hat, dear! Hope to see you soon!)

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