Dumb CVS,copays, and media!!

As many of you know I’m a student at Umass Amherst; however, I don’t live in Amherst year round. This diagnosis has been new to me (about five months now) so this is my first time having to deal with CVS and transferring my drugs to a different pharmacy. I thought I got it right…went to the CVS in town and they transferred all my drugs to their system..was I WRONG!! The CVS messed up on two of my scripts!!! The first one was dealing with my anit-depressiant (which is usually perscribed for fibro)…I only had eight left and they were insisting that I couldn’t get the refill until the 15th (this happened September 2nd). If I didn’t get this straighted out and waited till the 15th I would have gone into withdraw symptoms which no one wants!I spent three hours working this out. In the end I had to call the CVS in my hometown to ask if they could do anything to help me figure this out. Turns out that two of my meds start with the same letter and the CVS in Amherst messed it up!! I had my mom call up the CVS in Amherst because at that point I had it with them and it would have ended in me yelling at them for how carless they were. The second one has to do with my birth control. I’m supposed to get two months supplies in one trip to them; however, this time they only gave me one…honestly I can’t believe that they messed up with me AGAIN!! I’m so angry that this happened again in the same month!! CVS you need to get your act together!! If I knew who I could complain to about this I would! It’s not acceptable for you to mess up when a patient can accuse their medications! This had made my life so much harder and stressful then it had to be!!

Another thing I’m mad at right now is copays. Here at Umass Amherst they offer acupuncture to students. If you’re on the Umass health insurance it’s free, if not you have to pay. I happen to not be on Umass insurance, but am interested in pursuing acupuncture since I hear that it can help a lot with pain. I called them up and they told me it’s $120 for the evaluation and $65 per appopiment. Now, I know that compared to other places this is probably cheep; however, being a college student every penny counts. I’m in charge of paying for my phone bill, medications, doctor visits and whatever medical thing I need…I don’t know how I’d be able to balance that cost…I’m not working right now and only get $150 a month from my parents to live off of.

Last rant on this post I promise!! However I do feel the need to add this. Last night I was watching TV on Hulu. An add came up talking about Lyrica to help with fibromyalgia symptoms. The issue I have with the add is that it makes it look like you’ll be 100% healthy and won’t have any limitations if you take it. We all know that’s not true, but some of my friends have started to have that misconception about fibromyalgia because of adds like this!! It frustrates me so much to see something like this on TV! I wish it was that simple…take a pill and you’re 100% again…but as much as we wish it was…it’s not life. Push come to shove fibromyalgia warriors will pretty much always be in pain! Society needs to realise that! I could be blowing this part out of proportion a little bit so please remember that I am young and still figuring out how to live in this world.

Take care my fellow spoonies ❤

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One thought on “Dumb CVS,copays, and media!!

  1. I 100% agree about ads and media misrepresentation being a huge problem for us spoonies. It makes people think we did something wrong if that treatment didn’t work for us, or if we take it but aren’t cured that we just aren’t trying hard enough or maybe it is all in our head in the first place. Fibro doesn’t quit, no matter what meds you take, and when you get your meds messed up by a doctor or pharmacy, you realize just how precarious of a balancing act your life is post-chronic-illness-diagnosis. It’s always, always going to be a huge struggle to educate the public about our honest experiences with fibro, but every blog like yours helps to get the real story out there.

    Sending you lots of spoons since you’ve been dealing with extra fatigue!


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