Support System

For anyone, it is vital to have a good support system. When you have something chronic and life changing that support system becomes even more essential. I’ve been lucky enough to have one good friend who has been there with me through it all. When it first started she would always ask how I was feeling, pick up homework/class work that I missed, and over all just be there for me in every way she could. As time passed, I was able to get back on my feet for the most part and act “normal”; however, if I ever needed to talk or freak out she’s the person who I would turn to. She couldn’t understand all of the pain that I was going through, but she never judged me for it, always believed me, and somehow understood why I would flip out when tests would come back normal. For that I will always be grateful…I know that I just put it into words, but I don’t think there will ever be words to describe how much it means to me/helps me.

Being in college as a transfer student has been hard to find that kind of support system. I’m lucky enough that my roommate is understanding of things and never questions why I go to sleep early which is awesome. I’m also lucky enough that my professors have been 100% helpful and great. My math professor has been kind enough to let me take his tests in his office the day after everyone else takes it. The reason why is because the test is 7pm…I usually can’t function after 6pm and math is not my strongest subject so I felt that it would have ended in a disaster. I told him that I have fibro and he was more then happy to make accommodations for me. Which is awesome and I never expected him to be so helpful! Another professor who knows is one of my ed teachers. The only reason why he knows is because the class meets for two and a half hours once a week and I can’t sit for that long without my hips flaring up. I talked to him about it and he’s totally fine with me getting up and walking around the room or out of the room. It’s awesome to have teachers who are so understanding and helpful! I personally feel that this wouldn’t have been the case at my pervious school.

However, even though my professors are helpful when it comes to academics it’s still hard to find the friend support group right now. I’ve told some people…the one person who cared the most about me said “Tell me about it..and how it effects you”. To anyone who’s a spoonie you know how much that means…to have someone ask you how it effects your life…and to actually listen and want to help in anyways they can! It’s such a big help to have someone like that! I wish I could say that I’ve found more people like that…not yet…but I will I know it.

I’ve also been lucky to have a caring, understanding, helpful doctor now. Whenever I call the office she always returns the call in a day or so. Listens to me, figures out a game plan, make sure I know it’s all going to be okay ect. Also, she made sure I know that if something extreme happens to my body while I’m at school to call and she’ll get me in asap. I love her so much for that…she’s one of the doctors who believes me and helps in anyway possible…it’s great.

On a side note…I’ve been in a bad flair since Sunday (it’s now Tuesday). Sunday it was so bad that even putting weight on my keens hurt…or any movement for that matter. Yesterday was a little bit better; however, I was highly sensitive to touch and was walking into corners of tables (it hurt so much!!)! I think this has to do a little bit with stress…I have two papers and two tests all on the same day this week. I went the the gym which helped…I just can’t wait till this week is over!!

Stay strong my spoonies ❤ ❤

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One thought on “Support System

  1. Support systems are so incredibly important. It makes such a big difference to know that when things are really bad there is someone you can talk to. Glad you are building up a good one.


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