What seems to help the fibro vs. what doesn’t help

So, besides getting on a sleep schedule, for me, what has seemed to help tremendously is going to yoga four times a week (Tuesday-Friday). Not even just to help the fibro…just helps me overall. After class my body is relaxed, I feel that I move more gracefully around campus (if that makes sense to anyone), I breath deeper, am more conscious about my sourrondings and what I say, as well as not as overwheelemed with everything as I usually am. Finding yoga has been one of the biggest blessings since my diagnosis. Something that also helps/ I’ve always loved to do is read. To me, there is something magical about opening a physical book. I love opening a book old or new and see how the pages are. If they have been read thousands of times or just waiting to be read for the first time. A book can take you away into a far off place and give you an adventure. Or you could learn more about a particular part of history or person. Personally, I like having the book in my hand rather then reading it on a screen. I can’t really say why it is that way, but that’s what I like.

The things that 100% don’t work for me is stress. Which is so hard not to do in a college life…school, homework, social life ect. It’s hard for anyone to manage, let alone someone who has other things on their mind! I’ve been lucky to be managing the stress of life a lot better then I used to! But, I do have my moments when I’m totally stressed out and don’t know how to clam down (again, yoga has been a life savior!). Another thing I’ve found that doesn’t help at all is alcohol. Not because of being hangover the next day, but because it aggravates the fibro so it goes into overdrive. I’ve had days where after a night of drinking I can’t walk without pain! This really stinks especially since my 21st birthday is next weekend.

Since Friday night, I have been home which has also helped a lot. Being back in an environment with people who love me and my dog has calmed me down even more. I’ve been about 90% pain free, but at the same time worried about the next week because there is forecast for three days of rain! Also, there are things I need to talk about with the parents, like me now needing a single room. I like living with another person; however, I’m coming to realize that for me to feel better, I need complete darkness when trying to sleep, and cannot be woken up in any way during the night…which is what happens because the roommate comes in later then I go to sleep. I’ve become a light sleeper so any little thing can wake me up…the struggle with fibro is so real especially when it comes to this. The last thing I want is to hurt my roommates feelings, but at the same time, I feel that my health has to come first. I honestly feel that it would be the right choice for me. I just hope my parents can agree with me and figure out how to afford it….probably won’t be able to do anything about it till the next term anyways…so it wouldn’t happen till 2015. But I guess it’s one of those things that you have to take one day at a time, which is exactly what I’m planning on doing.

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One thought on “What seems to help the fibro vs. what doesn’t help

  1. I recently started taking a Vinyasa yoga class. Sadly, my busy schedule only lets me go once a week. I really enjoy how it helps me relax. Physically it is a challenge at the moment because my muscles have been so tight for so long but I know it will get easier and easier the more I go.


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